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Just because you're paranoid...

A Nirvana picture community...
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I was somewhat shocked to find there are no Nirvana picture communities, so I've taken the liberty of creating one, lol.
Please post Nirvana or Nirvana-related graphics in every post. This is a picture community after all, so that's really just common sense. ;) Also, please put more than two pictures under an lj-cut.

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If you like (you don't have to, lol), you may fill out this 'about me' form (or make your own) to let us all know a little something about you. Don't forget to post a Nirvana pic with it though. ;P

1. Name
2. Age
3. How you got interested in Nirvana or any of the band members
4. Member you're most into or most identify with
5. Favourite song, album, video

"Hello, we're major-label corporate rock sellouts." - Kurt Cobain, introducing the first show in which "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was played.

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